I'm Lindsey. I'm in Washington. State. Fat. Happy. Lover. Pisces. Submit anything. I love hearing from you. <3<3

fayedaniels asked: You should be naked all the time because you look like you ;)

Speechless. You are the reason I started a tumblr. I’ve thought I should privately reply to this but I’m so happy I wanna show it off.

You helped me start to accept myself and love the positives to my body instead of focusing on the negative things. The big girl with the pretty face that walks around unnoticed. I will never forget and can’t thank you enough.

  1. dorkinthefreakkingdom said: :D
  2. troublemaker2413 said: This is cool. From one beautiful lady to another. Love both of your blogs!!
  3. youjustlost-thegame said: you two should meet up and do a photoshoot together!
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